WWF the fruit company

hole-sale supply of fresh fruit and vegetables

from the warehouse in Saint Petersburg. Just 
call us and you will be pleasantly surprised by 
the way we work.


  • WWF company is a big fast developing importer of fresh fruits and vegetables. We supply our products to large wholesale and retail clients all over the Russian Federation.
  • WWF – is a professional team whose members have years of experience in the fruit business. We can provide you with regular supply of fresh products from all over the world and all year round.
  • Smoothly organized logistics, long term contracts with the best worldwide producers make us capable of offering you high quality products at best prices.

  • We are client oriented. Our main target is to provide our clients with a high quality and wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables at best prices possible.


Every day we put our price list on the web page as Excel file. For example, the last update was done вчера.

You can see our offer just clicking upon the green icon next to this text.


  • Каждый день наши сотрудники терпеливо разгружают, осматривают и фотографируют новые подходы фруктов, чтобы вы смогли в кратчайшие сроки увидеть продукт и заказать его.

    Так же мы публикуем эти данные в социальных социальных сетях, так что вы можете просто подписаться там на нашу ленту.

    Напоминаем, что с полным ассортиментом вы можете ознакомиться в прайс-листе или позвонив нам по телефону +7 499 551-88-97


World Wide fruit company 
Address: Saint Petersburg, Prospekt 
Nepokorennykh 63, bld 46.


  • We are a modern and developing company that is why we are always in need of fresh people.

    From you: desire to work and develop professionally, diligence, thoroughness

    From us: TK, white salary, good team and comfortable office.


Fruit talks

Most of the time we are easily available and waiting for you to call us and share the latest news about fresh arrivals and fruit business.

If you want to say something right now, please use the message window on the left and we will reply as soon as possible. 

World Wide Fruit company
Office tel.: +7 (499) 551-88-97


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